How to make a glass palette sign with website

Follow this pictorial tutorial on how to make your own glass palette.

It’s super easy  and  very inexpensive.

Do you have $15? Then you can make this too!

Glass palette 001

Buy a piece of tempered glass that you would like your palette to be. Preferably one with rounded (smooth) edges.

*** I bought this for $10 at a display and fixture warehouse store. ***

If you purchase it from a glass store you will pay $45-$95 and have to wait 3-7 business days.

Glass palette 010

This piece of tempered glass is 3/8 inch or as you can see, six pennies. This is very thick glass.
I recommend buying at least 1/4 of an inch thick tempered glass

*Note:  this is not a palette that you will be holding whilst you are painting. You will need a flat sturdy surface to place it on.

Glass palette 014

Buy a can of grey primer from your local home improvement store. My can of primer cost just under $5 after tax.

Begin to spray vertically. Let dry.

Glass palette 021

Spray on another coat, this time horizontally. Let dry.
Depending on how even  your coats of paint are, you may or may not need another coat.

I added a third coat for good measure.

Glass palette 027

Once the paint dries, turn it paint-side down, and use the glass as your new palette!

You did it!

glass palette 2 004

I’m right-handed so I keep my palette on my right side and my easel towards my left. If you are left-handed I would switch them around.

Please let me know if this was easy to understand.

I highly recommend a glass palette for painting with acrylics or oils.

It’s very easy to clean too!

I wish I would have made this  years ago!