Intentional growth is work. Intentional work is growth. 
Through the years I have tweaked how I am as an artist. As I look back, there are three things that have stayed consistent on my To Do List.

1. Take workshops from artists with a different style than your own.
Why? Because there is always something to learn. It will be frustrating at first. Because taking a class from someone so different really pushes you out of your box. Oh but you grow so much. Growth is uncomfortable. You can do it. I challenge you to take a workshop across the country! Somewhere far. It may feel overwhelming, but it’s so enriching! 

A bonus take-a-way from workshops, which I never expected, I have made some amazing artist friends. Watching their work, their growth, their success is so motivating.

2. Experiment. This is something else that is very uncomfortable for many.
It’s hard, it’s awkward, I have no idea what I’m doing… these are common reasons why we don’t experiment. It’s another tool to step out of your comfort zone. But it’s also fun! You’ll know right away if it’s a technique or medium you’ll want to try again or if it’s something to place on the shelf, to collect dust, forever.

3. Learn social media. Now. I can’t stress this enough. Welcome to 2018. . . practically everything is electronic. Choose one platform, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Vero, Snapchat, Google+. . . If you’re an artist I highly recommend choosing Instagram first, and Facebook second. Instagram is purely visual, a perfect platform to showcase your artwork.

I hope these three tips motivate you to try something new. And perhaps become consistent with one or more of them.

Happy art making!